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Ai Min Kitchen

Ai Min Kitchen

Ai Min Kitchen

6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Aimin Kitchen offers guests an extensive buffet and interactive live-cooking stations, as well as a full à la carte menu and a children’s menu for all-day dining from breakfast until dinner. The thoughtful dish choices ranged from Asian cuisines to local delicacies. The service is attentive, and guests are served in a relaxed, contemporary style environment. A semi private dining room is available for celebratory gatherings.

Chef Bio

In Chinese, the word for “sweet” is also used to express the feeling of joy and happiness. The first taste we sense on our tongue is that of sweetness and sweetness mostly comes from sugar. For our Chef Tiger, sugar is not just a seasoning but also his whole world. One of the most wonderful memories he has from his childhood is tucking into a Chinese candy cake, so perhaps it’s not surprising that he grew up to be a pastry chef.

Chef Tiger is adept at making desserts with all types of sugar sweetness -- whether from white sugar, yellow sugar, frosting, carbonized sugar or chocolate. 

For one of his signature cakes, he uses the world’s top chocolate brand – Givanna – and soaks the sponge in orange for 48 hours to produce a delightful combination of smooth chocolate and sweet citrus. Carbonized sugar is a relatively precious ingredient that is rarely used in hotel desserts, but Chef Tiger says that if you want to make the ultimate confections, you must choose the best sugar in the world. For example, he marries carbonized sugar and Farvona chocolate for another of his famous cakes, to produce a smooth, silky texture with just the right amount of sweetness. Chef Tiger also refuses to use ingredients with any pigments or additives; in his mind, fresh ingredients will always create the best flavors.

Pastry Chef

Tiger Zhao